• Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Rush Hour Episode #13
  • Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Rush Hour Episode #14

Jewelz & Scott Sparks

Jewelz & Scott Sparks

Check out brandnite TV interview with our new Host Robert where the big-room artists from Germany – Jewelz & Scott Sparks talk about their goals in 2014, their new single ´Unless We Forget´, producing skills, their touring adventures & corporation with Flamingo & Revealed Recordings!

Something is shifting in the world of electronic dance music, there‘s a new approach emerging in the sound of the 21st century. In a time when everyone is striving to make songs bigger and louder to fit the popular big-room sound, its refreshing to see artists like Jewelz & Scott Sparks tone it down and take a minimal and more defined approach on productions.


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