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Patrick Pulsinger (Live)

Having worked under more monikers, than a spider has eyes, and having delved into most electronic genres, Patrick Pulsinger has been an essential player in the European techno, and electronic world for a long time. And yet he managed to wow us, with this techno live set, conjuring up tons of analog warmth, grittiness, and crunchiness from his new synth setup, and rewinding a tape (!!!!) in the middle of it! All this @ our 2020 One Nation Under A Groove event (powerd by Bud - King of Beers), The Loft, Vienna (AT). The Loft club features a remarkable sound concept, with a state-of the-art double bass array, powered by Pro Performance, and designed, built, and installed in collaboration with The Loft. MAGICFX® by Kofler Media #BTV #2020OneNationUnderAGroove #live #techno
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