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Austrian Apparel (Live)

Crunchy noises meet distortied leads, mix with warm analog textures, and give way to hauntingly beautiful melodies at this set of Austrian Apparel, one of the internationally most coveted live acts from their name giving home country. With their spicy blend of electronica and techno the guys deliver an inspired set, that builds perfectly from an atmospheric intro to a driving tech climax. 2020 One Nation Under A Groove @ The Loft powered by Bud - King Of Beers, The Loft, Remarkable sound concept. Driven by Pro Performance, THE sound of Vienna. Featuring a state-of the-art double bass array Designed, built and installed in collaboration with The Loft. MAGICFX® by Kofler Media Also big thanks to Red Bull #BTV #2020OneNationUnderAGroove #Live #electronica #techno
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