It’s safe to say that Austin Leeds means business in 2013 as his second single of the year touches down no less than a month after “OK!” was let loose on the world. “OK!” found itself climbing the Beatport charts in no time at all following a hotly anticipated release on Hamachi Sounds.

 “Eleven” is a full-fat EDM ripper with a bass-line capable of serious dance-floor destruction to any club on earth. Austin’s emerging trademark for cosmic melodic breaks followed by mind-boggling bass is evidently striking a chord with the Dance music world, following a succession of impressive support on recent releases. Austin’s pristine production values are on show again in “Eleven”, which is an expertly crafted House banger that perfectly shows off his impeccable focus on quality sounding dance music. From crisp and clean drums, to a thunderous modulated bass synth – the EDM hero continues to show the world and beyond what he is sonically capable of in the studio with devastating results.
Austin Leeds proves once again why he’s set for big business in 2013 with a second hit that is making waves on the Dance music seas. With this being number two of the year already – we can be sure that Austin has a trick or two up his sleeve as we head into the spring. Be sure to keep locked onto Austin’s social media network to keep right up to date with all news, music, events and more from Austin and Hamachi Sounds. brandnite´s Q & A with Austin Leeds:
Hi Austin – it’s no more than a month since your first release of 2013 – has productivity in the studio been high over the winter? Q
Yes it has. I’ve been working on lots of tracks lately. I have a studio in Miami and The Hague, so that allows me to always keep things fresh and different . The winter weather in The Hague leads to lots of studio time! A
“OK!” made somewhat of a rampage up the online charts and picked up some heavy support along the way – how is “Eleven” going down with DJs around the world? Q
The early feedback has been great. Out of the last few tracks many people have said that “Eleven” is their favorite. A
“Eleven” seems to have a space theme in it – is there a story behind this? Q
I use an Apollo, which is an amazing sound card made by Universal Audio. The original track name was Apollo, so I felt that space vibe. The Apollo 11 mission is the first that landed men on the moon. I thought Eleven was a cool title. A
You’ve now delivered two back-to-back massive bass-led anthems this year – is this something we can expect to continue into the year? Q
Yes, but my sound has been evolving very quickly. I’m into more raw dirtier vibes. I’d like the tracks to still have great melodies, but the bass and drums really drive them forward. A
Is there any news from Hamachi Sounds in regards to plans for the future? Q
At this point I am only releasing my solo material. We haven’t signed any other records, but we are always taking submissions. I love having Hamachi and I am looking forward to many releases in the future! A
Are you looking for new talent for the label? Q
Yes, always! That’s the great thing about having a label, is the chance to meet other great producers. A
Let’s talk a bit about production – how do you approach a new track in the studio? Q
Things change all the time, but recently I want things to feel more “live”. I want to catch a vibe or inspiration and go with it, and lay as many fresh ideas down as quickly as possible. To capture the moment, then go back and see what you did. A
What are your favorite toys in the studio at the moment? Q
I am all in the box now, and I really love the Apollo sound card with the UAD plug ins A
If you could go back in time to when you first started producing with one tip from yourself today – what would it be? Q
Brilliant question! It would be a better understanding of synths and filters. When I started I could find sounds I liked, but I wasn’t that knowledgeable about tweaking and manipulating things . A
What’s next for Austin Leeds in 2013? Q
Lots of new productions and remixes! I did a remix for Ultra Records of Enur ft. Nicki Minaj – ” I’m That Chick”. I am also starting a new tech house project named Cezanne that I am excited about. A
Thanks for the Interview. Q


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