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    Umek | Lake Festival
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UMEK Interview

Interview with UMEK | Lake Festival.

What’s 2 m tall, plays music on four channels, lives Behind the Iron Curtain, has 1605 reasons to run an awesome label and flies? Meet UMEK.

About Umek.

A DJ and a producer with more than 20 years’ experience of playing everywhere – from dark underground clubs in Berlin to shiny stages of EDC Las Vegas. And yes, he does fly. Around 100 times per year, visiting almost every continent every year.

Not just that. He produces music while flying, too! When he lands, he sends that same music to labels such as Toolroom, Spinnin’ records, Great Stuff, Intec or saves it for his own imprint 1605. Sometimes he likes to brag with his tracks or those, produced by his fellow 1605ers, when he features them in his massively popular weekly radio show Behind the Iron Curtain.

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UMEK’s dark passenger by the name of Alba Patera is taking us to the creepiest monuments of human urbanism. When Pripyat meets Kowloon. Derelict City tastes like a rusty coin, spiced with a pinch of enriched uranium and some moldy concrete on the side. Just the way you like it.

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