brandnite TV met TJR in Vienna for an Interview and had an opportunity to enjoy his amazing live set at Fluc Wanne (THX to Mau Mau Music). We wanted to find out more about his beginning as a Dj & Producer back in the 90´s and the important connection between one and another. We were talking about the (tiny) difference between underground & overground (Commercial). We were also a bit slandering about Zedd and the techno god Richie Hawtin and their computer & another “technical problems” that caused the cancellation of one or another gig; TJR revealed us how he avoids this problem.

TJR revealed us his special technique to find out if the track, he´s working on, is good enough. We asked TJR about the new releases and collaborations next to his ´touring thing`. Brandnite also wanted to know TJR´s first reaction and opinion about the similarity between ´Ode To Oi` & PSY´s new song ´Gentleman`. We also asked him, who, besides of PSY, he would love to work with, if he had an opportunity. And last, but not least: the special question about the “Cooler thing”, which we have to thank to Kaveh from Pleasurekraft!

P.S. PSY, next time just call TJR when you want to make a track like this! He would love to be in the Video!