Tel Aviv Beach Opening

Tel Aviv Beach Opening

Tel Aviv Beach Opening 2015.

Relive DRIDI & EL:MO playing a B2B Set at Tel Aviv Beach Opening 2015 in Vienna.  TEL AVIV BEACH is a Project of the Molcho Family who are better known for their other businesses such as NENI a trendy restaurant concept with locations in Vienna, Berlin & Zürich. In 2010 they launched TEL AVIV BEACH to celebrate ISRAEL and the wonderful City of TEL AVIV where the family is originally from. TEL AVIV BEACH is open all summer from April – October and sun hungry guest come daily between 12:00 – 00:00.

The Beach offers a great selection of traditional Israeli beach food paired with a fantastic cocktail menu to make every sunset a wonderful experience. Guest of all ages come here to find tranquility and enjoyment in the middle of the city, but if your lucky you might just make it to a day time PARTY where international and national djs play the newest sounds. One things for sure come here and you will smile maybe thats why their slogan is LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. For more info check out

Relive DIZZY BELL aka Philipp van het Veld playing at Tel Aviv Beach Opening 2015 in Vienna.

About Dizzy Bell.

Dizzy Bell’s career began almost a decade ago as a Resident DJ at Vienna’s infamous “Dub Club”. Early on he was noticed and brought under the mentorship of Barefoot creator Stereotyp who helped him learn more about production techniques.

DIZZY BELL aka Philipp van het Veld

DIZZY BELL aka Philipp van het Veld

Indeed his first batch of tunes was released under Stereotyp’s brilliant and ground-breaking Crunchtime label. As he places greater emphasis on producing more in his own style, he feels that Generation Bass is the perfect outlet to allow him to make a small and temporary departure for a great EP release.”

About EL:MO.

EL:MO – aka Elior Molcho is one of the founders of TEL AVIV BEACH and member of the NENI Family. His Love for music flows into all aspect of the company. Djing in NENI BERLIN or Festivals around Europe Elior a.k.a Dj EL:MO spreads the companies philosophy of Life is Beautiful through the upbeat electronic music be plays.



Recently Elior has started producing his own music and will be collaborating with local musicians so make sure to check back with us soon for some new EL:MO sets or catch him playing at TEL AVIV BEACH.

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