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STRIZZI Records Label Night @ Volksgarten Vienna

STRIZZI Records Label Night @ Volksgarten Vienna

Strizzi Label Night @ Volksgarten Vienna.

About Claudio Ricci.

With cultural roots in Chile, Claudio Cesar Ricci grew up in a strong musical environment. His father, a singer in a South-American folklore band, had a revolutionary background. Due to the country’s dictatorship, his parents were forced to emigrate to Austria and, subsequently, these political and musical influences have played a major role in Claudio’s life.  In 2002 he founded the event platform MoviMiento, together with his friend and colleague Richard Rohr, aka Dj Saliva. The continued success of these events lead to further gigs in some of Vienna’s and Europe’s best-known clubs and festivals, such as Space, Privilege, The Zoo Project in Ibiza, Monza in Frankfurt, Creamfields Festival Central, and Urban Art Forms Festival.

LIVING THE DREAM – It proved to be the right decision. In 2013 he finally began to realise his dream and moved to Ibiza. Re-inspired and fully motivated, he launched a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, together with his close friends Megablast and Andreas Weisz. He also released a track on one of Germany’s cult labels, Compost Recordings, in cooperation with Megablast and the unique voice of OG Spiritual Goddess. Since then, Claudio has been completely focused on his work in the studio, and in 2015 he joined Sudam Recordings – the label of one of Argentina’s most renowned and respected producers, Kintar. They began to produce together and have many tracks waiting to be released in 2016 on Sudam, as well as other labels.

About Chris Kristallski.

As founder of Strizzi Records CK’s life involves constant alternation between his residencies in Vienna, Ibiza and Kitzbühel. Inspired by the music and artists of his beloved island Ibiza he found his passion in deep house, tech house and techno in the late 90ies which led him to starting his own DJ career five years ago. 

Since 2012 steady bookings by Austria’s club scene speak for his DJ skills. Through consistent melodic sets CK gained high recognition value and constitution. Playing regularly at popular clubs all over Austria like Kantine, Chaya Fuera (where CK is a resident), Pratersauna and Volksgarten Vienna or TakeFive Kitzbühel CK left his personal mark in the Austrian music scene. Moreover CK not only established the new event series STRIZZI with his partners Tom Pool and Claudio Ricci in Vienna, he is also gently leading the Austrian nightlife culture towards a more international music perception. With Strizzi Records Chris Kristallski, Tom Pool and Claudio Ricci pursue the revolution of the common Austrian music sense to a cosmopolitan music understanding as well as an international establishment of the brand STRIZZI.

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