Welcome to our brandnite TV Episode with tech-house hedonists Pleasurekraft aka Kaveh & Kalle´s Baby. We met Kaveh for a ´small talk´ about all that house music stuff.

In the Interview & Event Recap you will hear, how the collaboration between Kaveh, living in Washington, & Kalle´s Baby, living in Sweden has started & how was it possible to create four tracks without even seeing each other. Kaveh from Pleasurekraft is also talking about their break-through track ´Tarantula`, as also the following successful track ´Carny´ & why he doesn´t play it during the live performance anymore and why he regrets to have it released under Pleasurekraft. He also reveals us his favorite club in Vienna & speaks about the experience in the Austrian Capital. Another interesting thing, he told us, is his & UMEK´s opinion about the EDM short-term. Kaveh also talks about the influence & dependence upon technology. As the example is the german Producer/Dj Zedd being mentioned, because he cancelled his gig due to laptop problems. Have Fun watching the latest Episode of brandnite TV with our Host Philipp van het Veld.