Philipp Straub

Philipp Straub

Music Biz Talk | Philipp Straub.

Out of all the important people this wonderful week at Snowbombing 2014 brought us, we ran into an industry professional of our home town. Discussing Music and time developments Philip Straub gives us an insight into the sound future he fore sees. He also explains his company Titan International that deals with artists such as Carl Cox to name a few. We wish him all the best for his 40th birthday!

Philipp Straub at Snowbombing 2014

Philipp Straub at Snowbombing 2014

About Philipp Straub

Philipp Straub, CEO of Titan International artist booking agency, is one of the leading heads of electronic music in Austria and also a successful Dj & producer for more than 20 years with lots of results around the globe.

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