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Möwe Set 60 Min + Interview

Möwe Set 60 Min + Interview

Möwe | Ushuaïa Ibiza | Blue – The Party.

The Cheeky, feisty, tatooed, Melanie Ebietoma (25) and the smart, cautious, charming Clemens Martinuzzi are character personalities. Together, the two guys from Vienna, Austria are one of the blossoming creative cells of the new Electro Generation. Whether through Mels unique voice, in collaboration with other vocalists, the duo or simply instrumental, the couple’s tunes leave no-one untouched. Their original productions such as “Blauer Tag“ or “Chasing Clouds“, remixes with the likes of Hudson Taylor & Moby or Technotronic & Nina Simone Bootelgs, take you out of your every day life and infect with new vitality. There are lots of amazing electro cover versions of rocksongs but Möwe are not the usual Laptop geeks, they are whole blood musicians. At 14 years of age they started their musical careers playing in several indie rock bands. Their youthful charm may surprise, but has not prevented them from developing a finesse and diversity in their music. Their Songs inspire not only their Austrian die hard fans, but they have already established a household name in Germany, the UK, the US and even in South America where their talent is heard. They have managed to gather a lot of fans around them with their unique fusion of Live & DJ sets rocking the clubs and festival stages around the globe. So far as a duo but Möwe is ambitious to set up a full on band for their live concerts.


Mel & Clemens met for the first time in 2012. But music had been the centre of their lives long before that. Mel wrote music with her Grandma, while Clemens’ Dad was the one who bought him a bass guitar. In their early teens both were already in a band, both played guitar and bass. Mels band, Merry lost her Pathos, developed a very characteristic emotional Rocksound, which was a recognised talent in the Indie Scene of Vienna. Jeser´s Banquet, Clemens’ band, impressed the scene with complex arrangements and surprising sequence changes. In 2012 there was no „magic moment“ or big bang as the two bands met and took the stage together. It was possibly pragmatic but life changing when Mel and her band recognised the talent of Clemens’ bass playing and simply asked him if he wanted to join the band. He agreed. Bringing 5 different characters together turned out to be a little difficult. Instead Mel & Clem met separately and developed their own songs on the computer. Together they recognized their workflow was more spontaneous, faster and less complicated. Clemens explains: “we sat in the studio throughout the night, had a few beers and produced music. That’s how Möwe was created.“ Mel and Clem posted their first song, “Blauer Tag“ to their friends via social media. “We didn’t tell anybody it was our song. Instead we posted: “that’s a new superhot newcomer from Berlin. The next day, our facebook exploded“. The track went viral. The positive feedback was unbelievable and soon the first label requests came in. Being huge fans they decided to sign with Stil vor Talent, Oliver Koletzki label. The song “Inside“ is about the moment in which you realise you have to draw the line in a relationship, because your partner cannot. “Seven days“ is a beautiful duet. Mel comments: “we always say: together we are strong. We balance each other in the right moments. We are like a single, extraordinary voice.“

Ushuaia - Blue The Party

All these first songs were original productions. Soon however they started working on cover versions. Besides their covers where they are able to transport their developed style they also create bootlegs and remixes. Alongside their own songs, they produced the very successful track „Birds flying high“ which has been a milestone in their career. The track features a Nina Simone voice sample and turned out to be a big hit in the US. Another breakthrough was the remix they did for UK band Hudson Taylor. Since 2015 Mowe´s Music is exclusively released by Armin van Buurens Label Armada Music. Mel & Clem having thought about their Live Show for a long time, it became clear that there would have to be live vocals. Is it Mels voice that gives Möwe its distinctiveness. They experimented with DJ Equipment, but soon realised Möwe Songs are not made for mixing. Thus they decided they should stick to their own tracks. After a while Möwe became a breath-taking live act, combining somnambulistic confidence with spontaneity and creativity. Their biggest shows so far have been the MS Dockville Festival in Hamburg, the Social Club in Paris, the Utopia Island Festival in Switzerland and the Shambala Festival in Canada. Both don’t remain standing. They continue to work on their live show and their vision to soon integrate a drummer to the stage performance. With this project in mind they hope to accomplish their dream of bringing electronic, acoustic and instrumental music together.


About Blue @ Ushuaïa.


A brand new and exciting party concept is the latest residency rolled out at the iconic Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel to be making waves this season: Blue. Topping a star-studded schedule that features only the most select of the world’s biggest electronic acts, Blue promises to vitalize Thursdays as part of Ushuaïa’s near reverent weekly proceedings from 30th June until 1st September. Among a cohort of the choicest performers and the top crew touring in their genre, Oliver Heldens joins Robin Schulz, plus many more artists no stranger to topping charts with summer sounds and housey beats. This is to say that the beach club reconfirms it’s position as the chief clubbing escape and institution, Blue offering an innovative oasis of tranquility amidst Ushuaïa’s varied party calendar.

Ushuaia - Blue

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