Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud

brandnite TV met again the Master of all Space Invaders after his Premiere of the 3D Invasion Show Tour in Austria at the Beatpatrol Festival 2013. Watch this Episode talking about technical Experiences & Lessons by Joachim Garraud and about his upcoming new Album which he signed the day before with Universal Music for Europe and Sony Music for the US Market. Have Fun & Enjoy the Show with Live Scenes from the Beatpatrol Festival 2013.

Brandnite TV met the Master of all Invaders – Joachim Garraud to talk about his bad habits, his favorite DJ, who has influenced him and many more! Here you will hear also, why he´s so excited about being pregnant & invisible and where is the edge of his space. Enjoy this Episode with our Presenter & Host – Philipp van het Veld!