Falko Niestolik

Falko Niestolik

Interview | Falko Niestolik.

Ladies & Gents to say the album title pictures the music is no exaggeration! Its Peak Time and we at brandnite are very happy that this time has come. When we were sent the first tracks on the album, director Markus jumped to call Falko in an instant. We had to be the first to showcase this, no we needed to be! Each track shows great variety of musical styles and elements that all fall into strong conclusion of its title, a massive banger EDM peak drop!

As we were sat in the T-On studios vienna having the great privilige of blasting this hit record on lovely PMC speakers we nodded our heads, stomped our feet and simultaneously smiled. Falko’s long history in the german and international electronic scene sparked our interest way before we had his legend of a manager speak to our host Robsi in vienna. Numerous remixes for Axwell, Steve Angello & Michael Jackson to name a few have been floating around in iTunes playlists worldwide. Having set an example for many young artist it was only a matter of time for the album to float a shore. Here by brandnite Entertainment gives you the first insights into the album and wishes you a great Peak Time Feeling!

Falko Niestolik - Peak Time

Falko Niestolik – Peak Time

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