#Backstage at Amnesia Ibiza

#Backstage at Amnesia Ibiza

#Backstage @ Amnesia Ibiza w/ Sergio Flores.

Last Summer during our brandnite TV Ibiza takeover we visited many wild parties and hot spots in Ibiza. But we wanted to see whatwas hidden behind all of the ‘bling-bling‘, how the clubs look before the night starts, how the crew prepares for the show. We thought Amnesia, a club that has become synonymous with sleepless beat-driven summer nights on the white Island, is the best place to take a peek. Enjoy our interview with one of the club’s hard working eyecatchers – Alexandra and our host Sergio Flores, where Alexandra shares her passion for dancing, talks ‘Amnesia Mafia‘, and other interesting and funny things and take a look at the go-go aftermovie!

About Amnesia Ibiza.

The house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the XVIII century. Five generations of the Planells family lived within its thick whitewashed walls. They cultivated the land and built a mill out of stone. During the first half of the X century the poor that came to beg here received bread, cheese and dried figs. The first foreign visitors arrived in Ibiza towards 1950. They were drawn to the island by its mysterious legends and rumors of its breathtaking untouched nature. In 1954 people like Aristoteles Onassis or Rainier of Monaco were startled by the beauty of the Pitiusan coves. Ibiza discovered tourism and began to prosper and grow.

However, it was the hippies during the 1960’s the ones who really enjoyed the island. They were the first to transgress. Idealists from all over the world chose Ibiza and Formentera as their paradise to live in peace. They listened to music, enjoyed the nature and smoked. In 1964 the Rolling Stones spent a couple of days on holiday in San Antonio. By then the island had more than five thousand hotel occupancies. Europe convulsed in May 1968 – whilst the film More, with music by Pink Floyd, filmed in Ibiza and inspired by Ibiza, presented the island as a paradise for drug consumption.

In March 1970 the Planells family decided to end their long life in the countryside and moved to a flat in town. They sold their ‘finca’ (country house) and the house to Maria Fuencisla Marti­nez de Campos y Muñoz, a widow from an aristocratic background. This was when the most recent history of our discotheque really began. The island started to enjoy a freedom unheard of in the rest of Spain. The house that would be soon called Amnesia turned into a meeting point for idealists and counter-culturists. The hippies played in live bands, smoked and experimented with LSD and touched heaven, they danced till dawn and reached the ecstasy with The Doors, organized art exhibitions and many other events.

In 1974 a young man born in Madrid, with a degree in philosophy came on to the scene, his name was Antonio Escohotado. He arrived in Ibiza with hopes to start a new life. Soon he became the apostle for the new drug experimentations. In 1975 the forty years of the dictatorship ended. Franco died and Juan Carlos I was proclaimed the King.  One fine day in May 1976 Antonio made a deal with the landlady of the house and she rented it to him for 20.000 pesetas (120€) a month. Now all that was left was to christen the discotheque. Antonio thought hard about this until he came across the name, The Workshop of Forgetfulness. The implication was that people go out at night to forget their problems and indulge in an unknown world far away from ordinary routine. The next day he realized that just one word from Greek etymology explained it all. This of course was Amnesia and that is how the island’s most authentic discotheque was born.


In summer 1978 Bob Marley gave an unforgettable performance and the ‘new wave’ began to blossom whilst ‘Saturday night fever’ showed its premiere release. The rhythms of disco gave start to a new hedonistic way of life. That year Ginés Sánchez, a manufacturer from Madrid, took over Amnesia. Since that moment a decade of ups and downs began, during which unexpected closings of the discotheque alternated with glorious summers in full on competition against the other discotheques, such as Ku (now Privilege), Pacha, Glory’s and Lola’s (these last two no longer exist).

In the 1980’s a young Basque initially linked to Ku became the leading character in the most famous events at the old house in San Rafael. This was Prontxio Izaguirre who brought fresh ideas to Ibiza nocturnal life and helped Amnesia to spread its fame throughout Europe, gaining international recognition thanks to the important renown artists performing at the venue and the pristine sound and lighting systems. Almost in the twinkling of an eye the music changed from Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, from Bruce Springsteen to Madonna and from Donna Summer to Prince. The discotheque went from egg-carton soundproofing to a new, captivating and powerful sound. This was when dance music began and brought along new trends and fusions. The line between pop and funk blurred. Hip-hop was born along with break-dance and rap. Free style in mixing was permitted and house was about to take over.

Tickets Amnesia 2015

Amnesia Ibiza Opening 2015 line up

The Ibiza discotheques introduced the magic of the roof-less open air parties. The infamous Balearic sound emerged and was championed by the legendary DJ Alfredo Fiorito. The most important changes came from the hands of MFC at the beginning of the 1990’s. The Berlin wall came down and house music went international. The night of the June 22, 1991 is still remembered on the island as the historical day of re-openings. Thousands of young people invaded Amnesia, marking the beginning of the latest and the most fruitful era in this temple of sound.

The Ibiza clubs kept gaining worldwide popularity – although due to neighbors’ complaints the authorities obliged them to cover the dancefloors, which had traditionally functioned in the open air. Nevertheless, Amnesia’s expansion was unstoppable. From four bars it grew to sixteen, from thirty employees to more than two hundred in mid-summer. These included waiters, spectacular go-go dancers, security, light-jockeys and office workers amongst others. In 1999 the UN claimed Ibiza cultural heritage. The island reached one hundred thousand habitants and the label Amnesia extended to magazines, records, clothes etc. The club’s fame grew like the foam, just like that foam that puts a name to the Espuma parties, one of its most important weekly events.

Nowadays, at the beginning of the XXI century, everyone has heard about parties such as Cocoon, La Troya and Cream and everybody knows all the top DJs such as Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Paul Van Dyk, Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold or Armin Van Buuren and Avicii, who are regulars or have played in Amnesia along the years. International top bands have performed their magnificent concerts and live acts on our stages, such as Underworld, Étienne de Crécy, Public Enemy, Tinie Tempah, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull or 50 Cent to name but a few. The list of rich and famous celebrities that have graced Amnesia with their presence is endless: Naomi Campbell, Puff Daddy, Dolce & Gabbana, Bono, Boy George, Elle McPherson, George Michael, Valentino Rossi, Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton and many others. Princes and moguls, models and fashion designers, rock stars and Hollywood actors – the club’s VIP zone has always been like a “who is who” of international jet set.

The Amnesia pristine sound systems have always played a key role in the club’s success. At present venue is equipped with an state-of-the-art sound technology called Xpanded Amnesia Technology, which utilizes dynamic digital audio processors that analyze and enhance those frequencies that actually make your body shake and make you feel like being given a sonic massage. In 2007 Amnesia was awarded as BEST GLOBAL CLUB by the prestigious IDMA awards organized every year by the Winter Music Conference in Miami during the last week of March and since then has received this prize 3 times in total.

In the same way, Amnesia has been for many years one of the mainstays in the top of the important international chart DJ MAG TOP 100 Clubs.The current Amnesia programming reflects the latest trends in electronic dance music and caters for all likes and ages thanks to the 7 nights per week packed events in Amnesia Ibiza. Cocoon was the first ever party to land on Mondays in Amnesia in 1999 and has never left since then. Sven Väth and his crew were the first to bring techno and minimal to Ibiza, and now this sound has become a trademark of the island and can be heard practically everywhere.

In 2011 a new party named Together occupied Tuesdays nights. It started exploring the territory of bass and electro house, welcoming the younger audience to the club and proving it once again that Amnesia is always ahead of the game no matter how trends and times change. Wednesday night in the Terrace belongs to La Troya, the biggest and brightest freakshow in Ibiza. Once upon a time this party was so insanely popular that people used to leave their cars in the fields around Amnesia due to the lack of space in the parking lot. Now that the era of drag queens is kind of over La Troya remains one of the few strongholds of this flamboyant culture.

The main room on Wednesdays hosts the infamous Espuma party – your unique chance to dance in the cloud of foam and to feel the Balearic mood at its best. During the peak time of the season the Espuma party changes social status and becomes “Foam and Diamonds”, hosted by Paris Hilton, who not also plays her brisk DJ set each night but also actually stars the foam show in her very unique charming style. Cream on Thursdays is the oldest party in Amnesia. It was launched as far back as in 1994 and since then this night goes from strength to strength and sells out every summer, giving us a miraculous example of clubbing longevity.

In 2012 Marco Carola’s Music On event on Fridays, referred to by many as “the new Cocoon”, became the revelation of the season and the most sought after party of the island. In the recent years, the high-end clientele in Ibiza has got more and more involved in underground music, and the bursting Amnesia VIP balcony at Music On serves as the best proof for this fact. Matinée on Saturdays is another long-liver, this club night was held for the first time in 1998. Since then, many promoters in Ibiza tried to imitate the concept of a party built around an extravagant show and vigorous vocal house, but no one could rival the success of the one and only Matinée.

On Sundays our party is called “Amnesia presents”. For such festive nights, the most acclaimed electronic dance music artists are proud to be on the bills and rock the crowds until the morning sun starts to shine, thus putting together a brilliant finale for the club’s mind-blowing weekly programme. In the 2014 season, Amnesia Ibiza is celebrating its 24th anniversary of its modern age. Time flies, new clubbing generations come, the face of Ibiza changes, but Amnesia always stays at the top. Amnesia is a must-visit spot in Ibiza, a venue that epitomizes the soul and history of the island, a brand that has become synonymous with sleepless beat-driven summer nights on the White Isle.

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