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Austrian Apparel

Austrian Apparel

60 Min Live Concert | Austrian Apparel.

Electronic music is commonly presented by a dj or a live band arrangement. We recorded Austrian Apparel’s live set at MYNTFlex Vienna to whitness a rather different form of electronic performance. Bringing back the old art form of Analog synthesizer sets these two boys will soon be writing Austrian electronic music history. We at brandnite are amazed by the show and will definately take our time to follow them in the future!

For this concert they used the following equipment: Realistic Concert Mate MG-1, Korg Microkorg, Access Virus Ti, Novation Mininova, Electron Octatrack, 3 x Korg Kaosspad 3, Korg Quadpad, Moogerfooger MF102, 2 x FMR Audio Rnc, DBX 266xl, TC Electronic Flashback Delay + Hall of fame Reverb, Mid-fi Electonics Deluxe Pitchpirate, Fealabs Opti-Fet Compressor, Boss RE20, Digitech Whammy 4, Kalimba, Shakers and Pioneer DJM-750, Electro Harmonix Talking Machine


About Austrian Apparel

Dominik Traun and Sebastian Wasner met on a film set as a sound mixer and boom operator and quickly realized that they had forgotten their synths. Since 2012 they have been playing a wide range of electronic live music from hip hop to broken beat, through ambient and techno. Every sound is played live without the use of a laptop or pre sequenced synths. They use live-loopers to add and subtract elements to the mix. The tracks are rehearsed and every time they sound slightly different and are adapted to the daily mood and emotions which adds personality to every live performance. 

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