After 18 incredible years challenging Ibiza musically with visual innovations and new concepts that drank deep from the passion and colour of the island, Cocoon packs up and moves to the genuine Ibizan house of Pacha.

Ibiza never stops evolving and it never stops surprising. Say the same about Cocoon and Pacha, the brands that changed everything. Metamorphosis is happening.

This is a new Pacha meeting the 19th season of Cocoon and it is time to make some parties that could be nowhere else in the world but Ibiza. This really will be a new Pacha experience. You want to be part of it.

Sven is not new to The Cherries and has proved that no matter the booth, he gives it all to the crowd: Few Cocoon after parties at Destino Ibiza back in 2013 and 2014 playing all day long, some night parties at Pacha Barcelona (next one during sonar off week) and two encounters at home last season are more than enough to feel that his heart belongs to the dancefloor. This vinyl genius creates community, everybody feels part of the performance and anything in the booth with him is unexpected. Cocoon’s boss leads an adventure with many renowned artists and friends, where the real value comes from the music beats in order to create a great atmosphere. It is a party that matters and will change you.

Sven Väth: ”Dear Friends, Change is the only constant. Ibiza will never stop changing and nor will Cocoon. In 2018 Pacha will be our new home. A new Pacha. This is metamorphosis multiplied by 2 and I am so excited about this collision of visions. Lets turn this page and get on the dancefloor. Love Sven

Two iconic Ibiza names sharing an ethos and now a vision. This is a fusion for the future. It has been a long time coming. It is going to be spectacular.

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