For Cocoon and Pacha the metamorphosis is almost complete. On Wednesday the 30th May join us on the best new dance floor in the best new club in Ibiza.

Pacha has been growing together with Ibiza and thanks to the electronic music scene since 1973. So it is really an honour to dance with the ones that have experienced a similar evolution. Ibiza has inspired Sven Väth since his first visit in 1980 as well as the island has evolved thanks to his major contribution: Cocoon. Väth needed to give something back to the place that changed his life completely, the place that made him realize with just 16 years old, music and party were going to be his lifestyle. So in 1999 he introduced Cocoon to Ibiza and started off with it as a booking agency (the concept was born in 1996 as a series of parties, touring throughout Germany and even North America).

Ibiza met techno music with Cocoon without competition, it was something totally new by then and a real inspiration for many DJs. Papa Svën (named like this by friends and fans) presents Cocoon the way he thinks is best for the island and with the same enthusiasm, we feel excited to be a new stage of Cocoon’s metamorphosis and team up to present the most innovative techno event of all-times to you!


Cocoon Ibiza brings people together from all over the globe and Pacha gathers partygoers of all kinds, becoming a must visit for everyone who comes to The White Island. Consequently, Cocoon and Pacha are the perfect match for a year of metamorphosis in which you are the core.

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