Nicolas Bacher – The Buzzard EP

Nicolas Bacher - The Buzzard EP

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Another week, another great techno offering from Switzerland’s Organism, this time from Nicolas Bacher with remixes by Nikola Gala and Ray Kajioka.

Nicolas Bacher is one of Austria’s foremost techno exports and has been now for a decade. In his time he has won plenty of awards, run his own club night series and has released tens of EPs on labels like Primate, Yo!, Titanium and many more.

Nicolas Bacher - The Buzzard EP (Remixes)

First cut ‘Impulse’ is a slick and fluid groove with thick metal stabs and a real sense of futuristic atmosphere. Subtle filters and background effects add purpose and depth to the track and it grows ever more funky as a result. German remixer Ray Kajioka has released on Kanzleramt Music, Rotation Records, and many more since the 90s and his version is a more stripped back and subtle track with killer sound design that places you right in the middle of a bleak techno landscape.


Up next, ‘The Buzzard’ is an urgent, bleepy and raved-up bit of main room techno with incessant stabs, train track like percussion and shuffling drums that really wash you away in the moment. Label regular Nikola Gala remixes this one into a big, dark, groaning wall of sound that barrels on with fierce intonations and sweeps all in its wake aside.

These are four more great cuts from a range of key techno tastemakers.


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