Chocolate Puma x Pep & Rash – The Stars Are Mine

Chocolate Puma x Pep & Rash - The Stars Are Mine

Release Date | Out Now

The Stars Are Mine‘ marks an exciting new step for both acts, laying down a vintage techno groove, while dropping cool basslines and warped synths, as well as vocals provided by ‘Pep‘ himself – a special moment in the producer’s career, providing the track with a unique personal touch.

“We met the Chocolate Puma guys during a gig in Germany last year. We immediately hit it off; they’re crazy, very funny guys! We quickly came with the idea of making music together, did two studio sessions, which resulted in ‘The Stars Are Mine’. And yeah, you can hear Jesse (‘Pep’) sing on this track. At first he was whistling the chords, then Chocolate Puma’s Rene wrote some lyrics and Jesse started singing these – worked like a charm!” – Pep & Rash


“We’ve had a fun time with Pep & Rash in de studio and together we came up with the idea for this track without having an upfront planning or so. We forced Pep a little bit into singing on this track and we feel it just worked out great as we can all see from the positive reactions on the dance floor.” – Chocolate Puma

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