Yes we do have incredible electronic talent in Austria! For many of you Dr. Who is a merry memory of the past. Frontload have taken this memory and made it last! We were so impressed that we needed to ask them a few questions and are proud to bring you this written interview with a great preview of their forthcoming track. We at brandnite wish you guys an enjoyful listening!

What do you personally think about the term “EDM” and the evolution of dance music right now? Q
Various styles are momentarily summarized under the term “EDM”. However, most of those styles existed already long before the term “EDM” became common. Dance music has constantly been modified  since decades, terms come and go. Some trendy terms, created by the industry often disappear after some time, while styles are always prone to change over time and are therefore perdurable.
Let’s talk a bit about production – how do you approach a new track in the studio? Q
Mostly we start with a musical theme or the main idea of our tracks. After that we try to get an idea of our basic arrangement and refine every single track step by step with the right and proper sounds. We try to mix every track as good as possible already from the start, but the real work on mixing and mastering is the last step in a production for us. Sounds pretty easy, right? 🙂 A
What are your favorite toys in the studio at the moment? Q


At the moment we love to work with the Airwindows Plugs Ins, made by a wicked guy named Chris Johnson. They haven’t got their own graphical user interface and only rudimental control possibilities, but sound wise you won’t find anything better out there. Our Tip: Channel3
What’s next for Frontload in 2014? “Dr. Who” seems to have 90´s vibes in it – is there a story behind this? Q
In the break of our Dr. Who single we combined various sounds that were primarily used in the late 70´s, 80´s and early 90´s.These retro sounds fit to the atmosphere of the track and worked well in combination with the Dr. Who theme.To use only established Progressive House sounds can make a track kind of boring. We like to add sounds to our productions that are not so common. In this particular case the retro elements worked well, but we tried to be multifaceted and  in future Frontload tracks you  will hear new sound combinations that have nothing in common with those elements we used in our Dr. Who single. A
And our last question that we always close an interview with – if there’s one artist out there that you could work with, who would you choose? Q
Steve: At the moment probably Ellie Goulding or Robyn! Thomas: Giorgio Moroder Michael: Skunk Anansie A

MANDO DIAO world famous Swedish rock group is again hitting the charts with their new track Black Saturday. FRONTLOAD got the honorable request to do their official club remix, which is already hitting the dance floors. Available in iTunes right now!


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