On July 17-18, 2015, the wild Monegros desert in Spain will see the return of the Groove Parade. This mythical and original desert music festival bursts back in a big way this summer as a new transformation of the Monegros Festival into the Groove Parade with one its best line-ups ever, celebrating 21 years of the best underground electronic music in a wild and magical piece of desert.

Monegros Festival presents Groove Parade 2015

To complete the experience two monsters of the electronic music scene and personal friends of the Arnau Family expressly wanted to be part of the story, Riche Hawtin and Laurence Garnier (only two festivals in Spain showcase this French genius this year, and Groove Parade is one of them).

Monegros Festival presents Groove Parade 2015

What’s more, this year the Festival sees changes that will make it an even more unforgettable and unique experience within the music scene, both in Spain and internationally. For the very first time, the Festival will last for two days.


Monegros Festival presents Groove Parade 2015 - Richie Hawtin & Laurent Garnier

This means people with a Weekend ticket are going to get more than 40 hours of non-stop music, making it one of Europe’s most intense and extreme sessions.

Dog Blood at Monegros Festival Groove Parade

And this year the crowd is going to be smaller to create a more intimate and friendly atmosphere: where we can all be closer to the music, to the unique desert setting and so people can really feel part of this amazing 21 year-old wild and musical tradition in the desert.

Carl Cox at Monegros Festival Groove Parade

On Friday 17 only 5,000 people will live a special experience with different camping options in the Monegros Village within the festival grounds. They’ll have communal areas where they can chill out and rest and they will also enjoy a huge collective and relaxed dinner among friends with local products, recuperating one of the Groove Parade’s classic highpoints.

Monegros Festival presents Groove Parade 2015 crowd

On Saturday and thinking about the traditional Monegros fans of recent years, we’ll open the gates once again at 12 noon so another 20,000 people can join the experience for 22 hours more of non-stop music, creativity and art until Sunday at 10 AM when the 2015 Festival will end its session with top names from the electronic music scene.


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