Dutch DJ duo Lucas & Steve proudly present their brand new single today on Spinnin’ Deep. Aptly titled ‘Fearless’ the guys travel toward yet uncharted waters with this record, as they build upon their characteristic house sound with sweet basslines and oldschool breaks. Let’s say the track breathes a mellow vibe of classic dance music, while the mark of so-called ‘future house’ isn’t too far either. Or you could simply say it’s just one hell of a club tune, ‘Fearless’ is all that.


Following their recent success with ‘Blinded’ (which got raving responses in December 2014, including support from DJs like Oliver Heldens, Fedde le Grand, Chuckie and Tiësto) the rise of Lucas & Steve continues in 2015. First, the duo released a stunning remix of 2005 dance classic ‘Do It 2 Nite’, reaching the top 3 of the Beatport main chart in no-time. And now, as expectations rise, ‘Fearless’ sets a new mark for the guys.

Like Spinnin’ labelmate Oliver Heldens, the duo brings a sound that honours the classic 90s house sound, drenched in the spirit of UK and garage house, taking this to a new, 21st century interpretation. ‘Fearless’ is perhaps the best example of how these worlds are getting blended, as the duo is the first to admit:

“We wanted to do something new for ourselves”, Steve says. “After we’d made ‘Do It 2 Nite’ and ‘Blinded’ we were connected with one particular sound. Some call it ‘future house’, for us it’s simply all house music. But to underline our love for the music on a whole, we looked for new grooves and sounds to incorporate.”

The groove layed out in ‘Fearless’ was the basis for this. “A real old school vibe”, according to Steve, also mentioning the subtle breakbeats halfway the track. “I love that stuff, especially since we brought in a bassline and effects that are really ‘now’, bringing together two worlds.”

Add to this the invigorating vocals by Bethany, with whom the duo rejoined after working successfully on ‘Blinded’, and you can safely say ‘Fearless’ is the duo’s definite claim to fame. “Well, it’s the type of house music we like, that’s all that counts. It’s a combination of sounds we haven’t heard too much, and yeah, it sounds like summer in our ears. In my book that makes it a success already.”

Lucas & Steve | Q&A

Lucas & Steve | Q&A


For those who may be new to your music, how would you describe your sound? Q
We try to make our tracks as energetic as possible, with a lot of melodies and cheeky basslines.Many describe our sound as future house, but we ourselves consider it to be more like a blend ofseveral styles, mainly house, deep house and tech house. But yes, we hope that’s the future ;-) A
What do you personally think about the evolution of dance music right now? Q
To us, the evolution that has been taking place since last year is great. We have produced house music for five years now and only since last year it is finally making its comeback in popularity. That’s a thing we definitely experience in the chart positions of our tracks and in our gigs. A
Let’s talk a bit about production – how do you approach a new track in the studio? Q
It depends; sometimes we use samples that already exist (like in our ‘Everybody Be Somebody’remix or our version of Rockefeller’s ‘Do It 2 Nite’). In those cases we started to work out a melodyand chords that suited the parts that were already there. When we create a track from scratch, like we did with our new track ‘Fearless’, one of us comes up with some chords, the other adds a groove and a bassline and the rest usually follows naturally. 

It can be a long process fine-tuning the mix, the melodies and arrangement of the track. We only create music that we love, but our own love for a track doesn’t necessarily make it a success. Other people have to be able to ‘understand’ our music too and this requires a lot of fine-tuning. That’s exactly when it comes in handy that we are with two, bringing together two pair of ears, instead of just one. It happens that we have very different ideas about a track, and these ideas combined often lead us to a very successful compromise.

What are your favorite toys in the studio at the moment? Q
A beast we use for our low-frequency bass sounds in every track is our Moog Sub Phatty. It’s warm, it’s phat,’ it’s analog. NICE! Another epic ‘toy’ that we use a lot is an SSL mixing table to brighten up our mixes and to add some extra warmth to our productions. A
What’s next for Lucas & Steve in 2015? Q
Many great gigs and a filled release schedule! Unfortunately we are not allowed to reveal too much, but during the summer you can expect several new tracks of us among which are a few very exciting collabs. Festivals we’re especially looking forward to are Creamfields, Sziget, Airbeat One, Amnesia Ibiza and Electrobeach. We’ve never been to any of these festivals before, but we hear the crowds get crazy over there. A
What is the current top 10 you are spinning? Q
1. Lucas & Steve – Fearless (Original Mix)

2. SNBRN, Kaleena Zanders – California (Chris Lake & Matroda Remix)

3.Don Diablo – Universe (Instrumental mix)

4. Joe Stone ft. Montell Jordan – The Party

5. Showtek – 90s By Nature (Lucas & Steve Remix)

6. Calippo – How’s Your Body (Original Mix)

7. Mr.Belt & Wezol – Finally (Original Mix)

8. Shiba San – Okay (Dave Winnel)

9. Harddrive – Deep inside (Low Steppa Remix)

10.Rockefeller – Do It 2Nite (Lucas & Steve Remix)

And our last question that we always close an interview with – if there’s one artist out there that you could work with, who would you choose? Q
Sticking close to our own sound, it would be cool to work with Don Diablo, since the guy has been throwing out great music recently. A bit more out of the box and out of our comfort zone, a collab with Knife Party would be great. Their style is completely different from ours, but their productions are sick. A
Thanks guys, for our short Q & A and good luck for your future. :) !

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