Event organizer ID&T launched ‘Celebrate Life‘ a short documentary about the legacy of Duncan Stutterheim, co-founder of ID&T, his partner Wouter Tavecchio and Head of Sustainability Carlijn Lindemulder. The documentary shows how the entrepreneurs shifted their business focus over the years and how the positive message ‘Celebrate Life’ was created. Is it really possible for dance music culture to influence the world in a positive way? 

Celebrate Life

Over the last two decades, dance has grown from a subgenre into one of the most popular music genres, with ID&T as its first pioneer. Today, they organise the world’s biggest dance festivals such as Sensation, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland, reaching millions of young people all over the world. “We realize that with our wide reach, we can be an example to others. With this message, we hope we can give people who love dance something that can be interpreted in their very own way – and that’s the beauty of it.” says Stutterheim. “ID&T builds and creates worlds where people can feel joy, experience love, meet new people and be themselves”.


Sustainable festivals

The entrepreneurs show how important it is for them to give something back to society. ID&T has taken some big steps when it comes to sustainability the past 5 years. Slowly but surely, ID&T is working on changing the festival landscape for the better. Most of the food available at the festivals is organic and visitors can drink free tap water at special tap water bars throughout the day. They’ve developed an extensive recycling program for all types of waste and a substantial portion of the power used is generated by second-generation biodiesel.

Visitors can also actively contribute to a better world: during special volunteer days organized in collaboration with the 10,000 HOURS Foundation, trees are planted, playgrounds for children with disabilities refurbished and nursing homes given a helping hand. With this volunteer work, the organization wants to give every one the chance to be part of the solution. ‘Celebrate Life ‘ is a motto that the organizers carry with them in everything they do and wish to promote everywhere they can.

Celebrate Life


About ID&T

ID&T is the pioneer of electronic dance music events and is responsible for national and international events such as Sensation, Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future. ID&T works with the world’s most talented and innovative DJ’s, musicians and creatives and organizes dance events that bring people together in the most unusual places. Since its founding by a group of friends in 1992, ID&T has grown into a global company that operates successfully. For more information please visit www.id-t.com

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