IMS| 2014

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What is IMS?

The Ibiza International Music Summit (IMS) presented by dance music legend Pete Tong, is now revered as one of the world’s most important music industry gatherings in the world. IMS signals the beginning of the Ibiza season. It is both a high level music industry conference attended by the global industry leaders in the dance music scene, alongside a week of the most aspirational dance parties on the island – the official launch of the Ibiza season

  • A captive audience of the global dance music industry’s most important decision makers
  • A platform for labels, agents, managers and brands to debate, announce and explain new initiatives and strategies music to the industry
  • A forum for music technology collaboration and creation – where the biggest minds in music come together to create new dance music apps, exclusive remixes, and music technology trials
  • A live music showcasing opportunity for the newest breakthrough artists and record labels
  • The official “consumer” opening of the Ibiza Season with the 2 night IMS Gran Finale at Dalt Vila – a UNESCO world heritage site. Featuring the biggest global talent in the world, pushing the envelope for Dj and live performances.


Why Ibiza?

Ibiza is a Mecca for electronic music.

A global dance music record release begins it’s life in Ibiza in May. It is regarded as the number one destination on earth to experience new music and listen to the biggest DJs in the world.

The population triples in size in summer from 85,000 in down season to over 300,000 in the summer months…

IMS is timed with the opening weekend of Pacha and Space, when 20,000 partygoers fly in for the summer’s lift-off.

Many of the world’s dance music industry are already on the island at the time of IMS as the season opens.

The island plays host to some of the most palatial and state-of-the-art clubs in the world.

IMS in Symbolic Move to Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza!

International Music Summit, one of the world’s most important and influential music industry gatherings, is moving to a new home for its seventh annual conference and taking electronic music delegates and industry executives to Ibiza’s hotly anticipated newcomer, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.


The summit, which has earned a reputation as ‘the TED of music conferences’, will bring together the genre’s most important and influential decision makers. Leading thinkers, futurists, trailblazers, artists, global brands and technology pioneers will debate, announce and explain new initiatives and strategies.

Alongside the deep thinking seminars, the most creative minds in music will unveil new music, strategies, apps and even create the summit’s own anthem while some of the newest breakthrough artists will be showcased. The event will also host the IMS Legends Dinner, in honour of a leading artist who has shaped the genre continually.

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