His last official mix earned him 2013’s BBC Essential Mix Of The Year, now Eric Prydz returns to deliver the first official DJ mix for Rolling Stone, a fitting way to kick off celebrating ten years of Pryda in 2014. In classic Prydz fashion, the mix travels through the Pryda spectrum, from dark driving house to melodic club anthems, touching on his new single ‘Liberate‘ and a host of unreleased material. One of dance music’s most singular talents, Eric Prydz is inimitable, and this mix reinforces why.

Check out the exclusive hour long mix now.

Eric Prydz live

You said in a video last year from Ultra that 2013 was going to be the craziest year of your life; did it turn out that way? Why?
Touring America was crazy! Living on a tour bus for practically most of the year took some getting used too, but it was well worthwhile. Creating EPIC 2.0 and using it for the first time in the U.S. was a massive and totally crazy undertaking, but very rewarding. There were other standout moments — the Grammy nomination, closing Coachella in a dust storm, bringing EPIC to America, great Cirez D shows. I have to say thanks to all my fans for making the last 12 months such an incredible experience for me.

What’s your view of 2014 for you?
My Pryda 10 album is very exciting, can’t wait to share this with everyone. We also have some big shows planned for later this year, which I can’t really talk about now, but should be really special. I’ll be getting back to Europe for the summer, and playing Ibiza is always something I look forward to.

You’re playing live on the main stage at Ultra with HOLO (the largest hologram ever used in North America); will that be similar to your EPIC shows? Are consciously trying to go to a different level this time around at Ultra?
HOLO is effectively a festival version of EPIC. We will be using the hologram as with EPIC but in a much bigger and more impactful way. In fact HOLO will be the biggest hologram ever used in North America. As with any production used at festivals there is a risk to what we are doing but hopefully a risk well worth taking. The rest you will have to wait and see…

You’ll also be DJ’ing live at that show – can you explain how that will work?
We will not be pre-synchronising the show, no recording and pressing play. I will play as normal and my team will follow live with me. On a show of this scale it is a very difficult undertaking few would attempt. It is about feeling the crowd, going with them, trying to create moments live.

How did the Pryda vs. Mau5trap part come about? Do you see a kinship between the labels? What does the music have in common, or you have in common with Joel Zimmerman a.k.a. Deadmau5?
I think we share a similar ethos, we both stay true to our roots and our musical heritage, I have much respect for Joel. The party in Miami will be something unique – we’ll be doing something different. I’m excited.

(Source: Rolling Stone)


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