On the 8th July, BORGORE will release #NEWGOREORDER, his debut studio album on Buygore / Dim Mak Records. He promises an album as glorious as a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Details about #NEWGOREORDER will be revealed soon, but until then fans are getting the first taste of Borgore’s new order onslaught with the bass-building “Ratchet,” the lead single from the album.

‘Enter Borgore, the Israeli-born, apocalyptically popular EDM DJ who made a song called “Gloryhole,” and literally broke Miley Cyrus (“Decisions”).
He lives on the fringes, outside of the realm of taste, decorum, or fealty to any sort of canon that you or I might respect…Behold, his newest single “Ratchet”… In the interest of full disclosure, it rewrites the beloved children’s song “If You’re Happy and You Know It” so that the lyrics are, “If you’re ratchet and you know it clap your ass” before launching balls-deep into a devastating cock-trap breakdown that rattles both your teeth and sense of self before ricocheting back to the perverse eye of the storm.’

Ratchet” is due to be released on the 10th June. In support of the single, Borgore will be mobilising his fan base to help him glean just what “ratchet” really means via the Ratchet Fan Generated Video Contest. For the contest, Borgore will be asking fans to submit original videos that show them at their most ratchet. Borgore will then select the winning fan submitted videos and incorporate them into the official “Ratchet” music video.

Borgore - Ratchet

The “Ratchet” single and the accompanying music video are the first in an onslaught of audio/visual debauchery over the summer of 2014 that will ring in the #NEWGOREORDER. Prepare yourself…

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