United ANTS at Ushuaia Ibiza 2015 stage

Located opposite super-club club Space Ibiza in the heart of Playa D’En Bossa, a colony of united and loyal underground ants will gather every weekend this summer for the only underground house and techno party Ushuaia Ibiza has to offer in it’s ocean of main room house, trance and EDM beats.

ANTS Opening Party 2015 Ushuaia Ibiza line up

In vintage Ushuaia style, ANTS Ibiza 2015 is another night home to phenomenal stage performances, theatrical themed dancers and other extreme, over-the-top but at the same time, necessary additions. At ANTS Ibiza 2015, it’s best to expect the unexpected, especially if it’s your first time visiting it.

ANTS Ibiza 2015 at Ushuaia Ibiza

Huge ants sit over the pool, dancers dress up to the nines like ants and their antennae simply adds to a captivating performance. As you head indoors, ants are scattered all over the roof (not real ones of course, nobody wants ants in their pants now!) and such artistic creations display how unique ANTS Ibiza 2015 actually is.

ANTS 2015 dancer


United ANTS at Ushuaia Ibiza 2015

The colony will be taking over Ushuaia Ibiza every Saturday this summer. The ANTS Ibiza 2015 army commence their crazy antics at the Opening Party on Saturday 6th June and the action will continue for 17 straight weeks right through until the Closing Party on Saturday 26th September.

Ushuaia ANTS

An array of talented DJ’s will play the exchangeable role of the queen ant entertaining it’s illustrious colony for hours upon end. These include the likes of Andrea OlivaDeetronLos SurubaUNERMatthias TanzmannLuna City Express and Tapesh.

In the eyes of everyone at ANTS Ibiza 2015 – music is the answer! So join the colony and join the revolution. It could possibly be the best decision you will ever make.

United ANTS at Ushuaia Ibiza 2015 full season line up

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