After an incredible 2017, Amnesia can’t wait to reopen the doors and dance together again. If you thought that last season was crazy, wait for what they have prepared for this year, being the 44th year they share the club with music lovers from around the world to enjoy the sounds of some of the best artists on the planet.

Amnesia Terrace:

Luciano – Little introduction is needed for the creator and promoter of Cadenza. Headliner of countless festivals around the world, father of huge tracks such as Lucie, Tom Et Clementine, with the label Mental Groove Records or Orange Mistake with Cadenza and the culprit of having filled the streets of Ibiza with ‘Vagabundos’ returns to Amnesia.

Richy Ahmed – the reputation of Richy Ahmed in the current scene comes from much more than his sold out parties, The Four Thirty Two. He is one of the most prolific producers at an international level – releasing on labels such as Hot Creations, and has established himself in the industry with tracks such as ‘Put Me In A Trance’, ‘ The Drums’ or ‘Rock N Rolla’.

David Squillace – performing a b2b with Richy Ahmed, David has not stopped growing and establishing himself, playing all over the world. With countless releases on labels such as Desolat, Minus, Ovum, Hot Creations, Cadenza and much more, the well-known Italian returns to Amnesia with his most characteristic sound.

Mathias Kaden – With a sound that has as reference the most beloved house of the 90s, the German has conquered hearts, souls and minds with his percussions and rhythms. His sets include sounds of funky, dub and African percussion.

Mar-T – A second b2b on the line up of our opening is starring Mar-T with Mathias Kaden. The owner and creator of Wow Recordings! Recordings and well-known name at Amnesia Ibiza couldn’t fail on the first day of the season.

Emanuel Satie – German established in Berlin that has released on labels such as Saved Records, Knee Deep In Sound and Get Physical; one of the names that is making its way on the scene in leaps and bounds.

Luca Donzelli – Standing out as a producer and increasingly present in line ups of clubs around the world, Luca is one of the names and sounds that most represent Amnesia Ibiza, being present in many of the Amnesia Worldwide gigs.

Meanwhile, these are the names that they will have in the club room:

DJ EZ – The sound of this English artists has become a reference of UK garage and Bass music. He has been recognized by the industry as one of the mixers with the most technique, instinct and dexterity and will be captaining the booth of the main room during our long awaited opening.

Hannah Wants – She has been one of the most talked-about names of last summer. Hannah, more than known among lovers of bass music, has starred innumerable nights with Together at Amnesia ibiza.

Disciples – This English trio is a regular of the nights of Together in Amnesia; they are masters that do not stop producing and launching new sound jewels. Their latest creation Jealousy is now available on multiple online platforms.

Detlef – AKA Alexander Georgiandis, anestablished artist on the scene, releasing and remixing on labels such as Hot Creations, Moon Harbor and Relief. We can’t wait to have you for the first time at one of our openings!

Latmun – Being the first time they have him at Amnesia, this great producer and English DJ will play b2b with Detlef, being part of the world tour they are doing together.

Caal – Resident of Amnesia Ibiza and producer who has released on labels such as Suara, Elrow Music and Deeperfect, Caal is a fundamental piece of this line up that will start the season.

Les Schmitz – Another great resident who will be representing Amnesia in the booth of the club room next May 12th. A name that without a doubt knows how to reach the most loyal audience!


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