212  VIP  Club  Edition,  the  new  fragrance  in  the  world  of  212,  present for  2015 this exclusive and specially-made track, created by the renowned DJ Alesso and conceived to become the song of this summer: a perfect song for the perfect party. Alesso, one of the  biggest  names  in  the  dance  music  industry,  a  Grammy  nominee  in  2014  and recognised around the world, is the creator of the song, entitled “If it wasn’t for you”. The song is inspired by the concept of modernity characteristic of the 212 world, and includes all the magnetism and passion from the world of music.

Alesso Forever Album

Alesso has been chosen to work with 212 because he is globally renowned despite his youth, for his constant pursuit of excellence and for his desire to go further. In a contemporary and cosmopolitan way, Alesso represents the world of 212 VIP, interpreted as Very Inspiring People, and everything that relates to people who are inspiring and iconic.

The song, “If it wasn’t for you”, premiered for the first time in the Alesso show at the renowned and landmark Ultra Miami festival on the 27th of March 2015, and was later launched  publicly  along  with exclusive content  from  this collaboration via the  online 212 channels. The original song is included on the debut album “Forever” from Alesso which will be released on May 25th, 2015.


Just 20 minutes from end the show, Alesso DJed the song for the first time, and it received an excellent reception from the massive audience. It later  went  exceptionally  viral  on  the  social  networks:  a  YouTube  user  uploaded  the track, which got over 40,000 views in two days. Alesso has unveiled the teaser for the song  “If  it  wasn’t  for  you” exclusively  on  his  social  networks,  getting  23.4K  Likes  and 500 comments, and 13k Likes and over 900 shares on Facebook.

Alesso at Coachella Festival 2015

The original track will be included on Alesso’s debut albumForever,” which will be launched in May 25th, 2015.


212 has produced and created the video for the song together with Alesso. The piece has been recorded in various locations including Barcelona and Buenos Aires and at various celebrations worldwide. This video tells the beautiful story of three people who end up together through the power of love and music, completely letting themselves go thanks to the magic of the perfect song.

Alesso, Tiesto & Martin Garrix at Coachella Festival 2015

The   video,   which   was   directed   by   Pensacola   and   produced   by   Canada,   will   be distributed  exclusively  through  the  online  212  channels.  In  a  contemporary  and  360 campaign,  the  brand  will  launch  an  online  competition  inviting  fans  to  participate  in the  “If  it  wasn’t  for  you”  video.


The  audience  will  be  able  to  participate  through recording videos with their mobile phone and the winner will travel to Ibiza for a VIP night when they will have an exclusive in-­person meeting with Alesso.


Alesso  is  a  self­‐taught  Swedish  phenomenon,  is  only  23  years  old,  and  has  quickly become  a  major  international  star  in  the  world  of  dance  music.  Alesso, who  has worked with several renowned DJs, produces remixes that become global hits and he always fills auditoriums throughout the world. In 2015, he will launch his first album “Forever” and, at the same time in Ultra Miami he will announce the collaboration that is taking place with 212.

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